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QuikBlade Multitool Cutting Blade (Aggressive Tooth)

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QuikBlade Multitool Cutting Blade (Aggressive Tooth)

QuikBlade Multitool Cutting Blade (Aggressive Tooth)

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The new QuikBlade out-cuts its competitors, with blades lasting up to eight times longer.

QuikBlade is made from hardened Japanese steel, this is why the blades produce such good results. The blade is a thin kerf blade which makes plunge cuts easier and faster. A unique specially designed head for quick changes on the job. QuikBlades are compatible with all major brand multitools. QuikBlades are available as: Aggressive tooth blade and fine tooth blade.

  • Aggressive tooth for a quick, aggressive cut in softwood or plastic.
  • Fine tooth for a tidy finish in hardwood, plastic or soft metals.
See a demonstration of QuikBlade's durability on YouTube.